Lose yourself in Infinity…

…but never lose Hope. As Hope falls deeper into Infinity, the real world begins to suffer from his absence.

Drift into an extraordinary journey with mind-bending puzzles and meaningful encounters with Time, Poetry, Memory, Technology but also War and Fatality.

Explore a psychedelic realm and master the innovative camera manipulation mechanic to unlock new areas. Each world harbors new abilities, themes, and opportunities to explore the multiverse and meet bizarre personalities who can be helpful allies or deceitful foes.

Infini Key Features:

● Feel the void of Infinity
● Discover a unique, mind-bending and varied gameplay
● Immerse yourself in a rich emotional story
● Over 8 hours of gameplay across 100+ levels and 10 diverse worlds
● Experience original imagery and a soundtrack containing more than 20 songs

Coming out Q1 2020

Infini is published by :