Video Games

Barnaque is a team of game developers established in Montréal. The studio, founded by David Martin and Émeric Morin, specializes in crafting imaginative experiences that surprise and destabilize using a variety of tools and platforms, ranging from traditional gamepads and screens to custom controllers in an abstract world and virtual or augmented reality.


Installation Programming

Barnaque also has expertise in programming art installations. The studio has worked on a multitude of projects utilizing microcomputers and sensors to create innovative interactive installations in the public space. To contact us about this, please email us at


SILO is a project developped by Audiotopie composed of sound emitting benches that adapt and react to various behaviors.


ESSAIM is a project developed by Audiotopie in which portable speakers can perform synchronized tasks for up to 100 meters using wireless communication technologies.



A game designed to be played in public spaces with a screen projected on a building developed in partnership with the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles.



A compilation of most of the music made for Barnaque's games: