Infini takes place in a world where concepts are personified. These concepts have come to life through Nulle Part (see this post for more info) and the player takes control of Hope who's imprisoned in Infinity and is trying to escape.


The story in the game is presented on a timeline in a fragmented and deconstructed way. The timeline begins with the incident that got Hope stuck in Infinity in the first place and every event is presented in terms of how many days have passed since.

Because of Infinity's nature, Hope ends up spending an unimaginable amount of time trying to escape. Hope, being what he is, can never give up this quest no matter how long he's been stuck and how desperate his situation looks.

During his adventures, Hope will interact with many other concepts such as Poetry, Time, Technology, Fatality, War, Doubt, Memory and Peace.


The plot of course revolves around "Will Hope ever find a way to escape Infinity?", but also and more importantly "How do you even escape Infinity?". To us, that last question is a lot more intriguing and substantially trickier to answer. This is something that Infini explores thoroughly.

In future posts, we'll talk about other characters in Infini.


Barnaqueverse : Croche

Let's take a moment to talk about a trilogy of games that we did a while ago (all freely available for PC on our page).

The trilogy is about a recurring character in our games called Croche. It includes the following titles : 'Candy Croche: Candy Bending: Saga', 'Fashion Croche' and 'Vaisselle Croche'.

Croche, in all his glory.

Croche, in all his glory.

Croche was a relatively normal guy (as can be observed in 'Vaisselle Croche') until the day that something peculiar happened to him and changed him forever. He then became... a little more "special". Special as in trying to make music by plugging candy together. (And then getting really angry when it doesn't work)

Who's that man?

Who's that man?

If Croche was just a weird character that only appeared in the Croche trilogy, we probably wouldn't talk about him here. But as it turns out, he appears in different forms in a couple of other games. You could say in a way that Croche has an alter ego. That alter ego can be seen in Nulle Part and will be the main character of our next game following Infini. Even in Infini, his influence can be felt. A lot of mystery surrounds this character, for now at least...