Following our latest publication, let's take a closer look at Infini's gameplay.
It's a platformer without platforms where you take control of Hope who is free falling infinitely. The player can not land or jump on anything and he can't touch any wall or obstacle.
When the character crosses one side of the screen, he comes back from the other. The player must guide Hope's fall accordingly to reach the goal in each level to pass to the next, as can be observed here:


The game will include 10 level sections, each with its own theme and a different combination of 2 active mechanics. In the first section, the player can slow down or accelerate his fall. In the 2nd level section, the player can slow down and zoom out the camera, as we can see here:


This mechanics brings a whole new dimension to the levels we can develop and each new section aims to renew the player's experience. We will go into more details about the other mechanics we discover in Infini in a future post.


Barnaqueverse : The Perturbulences

In our universe, the perturbulences are a particular phenomenon that took place on Earth where, for a certain period of time, reality lost all logic and strange phenomena were observed everywhere.
The phenomena could take the form of talking animals, patches of immaterial colors suspended in the air or people transformed in abstract creatures.

Example of an abstract creature:


Although the perturbulences are not present in Infini, their impact plays a very important role in several games that we have done and will certainly have one in the next game we will release after Infini.
Although the explanation of the source of the perturbulences exists, it is not clearly explained in our games to date. The game that deals the most with this phenomenon is Nullepart.