Infini is a game we've been working on for some time (How much? Hard to say). It's a platform game without platforms (huh?) In which we embody Hope which is stuck in Infinity. We're aiming to release it around 2018/Q2, and development is going well. In future posts, we'll go into detail about mechanics, the development of the game and the narrative.

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For those who can't wait to experience our latest version of Infini, we will be at the very first edition of the MEGA (Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade) on November 18th and 19th!
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900, our multi-platform minimalist action game, will be on Steam shortly!



Barnaqueverse : Nulle part

Barnaqueverse is the name we give to the global narrative universe that connects all Barnaque games. Nulle Part is the key location of all the Barnaqueverse. It is the place where ideas are born. When an idea or a concept begins to exist independently from a single person, in the sense that it exists in the network of people who share it, it materializes in Nulle Part and becomes a conscious entity.
As an example, the game named Nulle Part is the story of the birth of an idea and the death of another.
Nulle Part is a vast landscape of widely empty colorless hills, mountains and plateaus in which the Ideas interact.
This space, still largely unoccupied and dark, illustrates the youth of ideas and conscience.


Games in which we can directly see Nulle Part: Ouragan, Tombe, Infini, Nulle Part